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James Brown (JB), well-known Emmy-award winning broadcaster, has earned a stellar reputation among viewers and peers alike for his objectivity and authenticity. JB is highly-regarded and considered a leader in his field with millions of viewers respecting his commentary.

On January 30, 2018, NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss proudly announced that JB is our new National Ambassador.

This page is dedicated to JB’s experience and journey on NutriMost.

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"I Lost
84 Pounds

JB's Journey

Following a college basketball career at Harvard University and an unsuccessful pursuit of his NBA dream as a draft choice of the Atlanta Hawks, JB ultimately found himself in broadcasting. The change in activity level, combined with a hectic travel schedule and lack of a balanced nutrition plan, contributed to his subsequent weight gain.

JB’s Struggle with Weight

In a career where public perception and image are critically important, JB’s weight was frequently scrutinized by colleagues and others. JB shares how athletes engage in “negative incentives” when trying to motivate each other, humorously recounting how ex-players wanted to know what offensive or defensive line position he played.

A trusted colleague and friend, Ken Aagaard, empathized with JB about his weight challenges and told him about the success he had experienced with NutriMost. Witnessing firsthand the tremendous results Ken experienced, JB extensively researched NutriMost and ultimately purchased a Program and became a NutriMost client.

Highly respected, award winning broadcast consultant, Ken Aagaard, refers JB to NutriMost

Immediately, JB began to experience weight loss success. As he continued to progress through the Program, family, friends and colleagues took note of his progress. In fact, JB found himself referring a number of people to NutriMost. While never intending to become an Ambassador for NutriMost, JB has always been passionate about helping people and found himself inspiring others in their quest to lose weight and live healthier lives.
JB has stated, “Anything that I choose to affiliate with, I want to be sure there is a benefit to the public and I must believe in the process and the program. NutriMost has made a significant impact on my life and I am excited to share my positive experiences with the Program.”

JB NutriMost Weight Loss Before
JB NutriMost Weight Loss Before

JB’s Transformation

If you ask JB what motivated him to begin NutriMost, he will tell you he firmly believes that God wants everyone to live healthy and fulfilling lives and he wants to be healthy for his wife, Dorothy, his daughter, Katrina, his son-in-law, John and his four beautiful grandchildren.
JB credits the NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss Program for making that happen and Katrina and John wholeheartedly agree. With smiles on their faces, they excitedly describe the newfound energy JB has to spend with his grandkids.
JB’s 84-pound weight loss in impressive by any standards. His incredibly hectic schedule which includes travelling extensively, hotels and lengthy days in the studio is daunting. Many people struggle with losing weight despite having very regimented lives. The NutriMost Program that was personalized for JB, and can be adapted to individual lifestyles or situations, enabled him to be successful with an intense broadcasting schedule. 
JB’s NutriMost weight loss journey didn’t just end with him losing 84 pounds. For over one year, JB has been able to maintain his weight loss. With NutriMost, JB is able to enjoy delicious foods including his personal favorites, cashews and key lime pie.

JB Family NutriMost weight loss before
JB Family NutriMost weight loss before
JB family nutrimost weight loss after
JB family nutrimost weight loss after

JB receives national attention for his NutriMost Transformation

While JB experienced immediate success on the NutriMost Program, after a few months, his transformation began to receive national attention including:

JB Discusses his weight loss with Harry Connick Jr.

JB Praises the NutriMost Remote Program

When JB was referred to NutriMost, he had two primary concerns. The first was a hectic schedule that would not allow him to regularly visit an office. JB was also doubtful that he would be able to follow the program during the professional football season, his busiest time of the year.
JB ultimately elected to follow a NutriMost remote program which many celebrities and individuals with substantial travel calendars embrace.

JB Nutrimost weight loss coach

When people ask JB how he was able to be so successful with the NutriMost Program, he always mentions two things. The first, was the ability of NutriMost to develop an entirely personalized program including food and supplement plans. He further attributes his success to the devotion of his Wellness Coach, Mrs. Jeannine Shea. While JB often professes his thanks and appreciation for Jeannine’s efforts on his behalf; NutriMost and Jeannine alike, commend JB on his success with the Program and affirm that he is a wonderful testament to the goal of NutriMost to help people who struggle with weight loss ultimately lose the weight and lead healthier lives.

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